College Physics (DE-PHY 201, 202)                                        (DCC, PHCC 8 hrs.)
(Prerequisite:  Advanced Algebra with Trigonometry)
The course is an advanced curriculum that stresses development of problem solving, thinking and laboratory skills.  The content covers mechanics, thermodynamics, wave phenomena, electricity and magnetism, and selected topics in modern physics.  Classroom activities include collecting and analyzing data in a computer-based lab and introducing students to application of theoretical concepts.  Experimental design, gathering data, and the use of statistics to analyze data are studied jointly with the research methodology and design course or senior research application and evaluation.


College Biology (DE-BIO 101, 102)                                        (DCC, PHCC 8 hrs.)
(Prerequisite:  Advanced Math Analysis or equivalent)
A college-level introduction focusing on the fundamental characteristics of living matter from the molecular level to the ecological community level.  Introduces the diversity of living organisms, their structure, function, and evolution.  Topics covered include major concepts in molecular and cellular biology, microbiology, biochemistry, genetics, botany, physiology, and ecology.


Human Anatomy (DE-BIO 141, 142)                                        (DCC 4 hrs., PHCC 8 hrs.)
(Prerequisite: College Chemistry)
This course integrates anatomy and physiology of cells, tissues, organs, and systems of the human body.  Integrates concepts of chemistry, physics, and pathology. The IALR site only offers BIO 141.


Microbiology (DE-BIO 205)                                        (DCC 4 hrs.)
(Prerequisite:  College Biology)
Examines morphology, genetics, physiology, genetics, and control of microorganisms.  Emphasizes application of microbiological techniques to selected fields.  This course is only taught at the IALR site.


Calculus I (DE-MTH 263)                                        (DCC, PHCC 6 hrs.)
(Prerequisite:  Advanced Math Analysis or equivalent)
Calculus provides a student with an opportunity to learn the classical calculus curriculum in an innovative technological manner and to apply all previous mathematics concepts and skills.  The course is based on real life applications including, but not limited to, differential calculus of one variable including the theory of limits, derivatives, differentials, anti-derivatives, and applications to algebraic and transcendental functions.


Calculus II (DE-MTH 264)                                        (DCC, PHCC 4 hrs.)
(Prerequisite: Advanced Calculus I)
Advanced Calculus II covers vectors in three dimensions, definite integrals, methods of integration, indeterminate forms, partial differentiation, and multiple integrals. This course is designed for mathematical, physical, and engineering science programs.  Note:  Students are concurrently enrolled in Linear Algebra (DE-MTH 177[DCC, PHCC 2 hrs.]) and/or Analytical Geometry (DE-MTH 177[DCC, PHCC 2 hrs.]).


Statistics I & II (DE-MTH 245, 246)                                        (DCC, PHCC 6 hrs.)
(Prerequisite:  Advanced Math Analysis or equivalent)
Presents an overview of statistics, including descriptive statistics, elementary probability distributions, estimation, hypothesis testing, and correlation and regression and data exploration.


Senior Research Application and Evaluation (DE-ENG 210)                                        (DCC, PHCC 3 hrs.)
(Prerequisite:  Research Methodology and Design)
This course provides students with the opportunity to explore an area of personal interest that promotes the mission of the school.  Students take an active part in formulating the problems and the methods by which the problems are investigated.  Appropriate investigative techniques are utilized to produce or analyze raw data and/or produce original interpretations rather than rely exclusively on the conclusions of others.  When completing projects, students select from a wide range of alternative products and communicate their results to real, rather than a contrived audience in a professionally appropriate manner.  Students actively participate during their junior year in planning their senior research experience.


English 12/College Composition (DE-ENG 243, 244)                                        (DCC, PHCC 6 hrs.)
(Prerequisite:  English 11)
This course examines major British (and some world) writings from early times to the modern period and encourages students to discover the historical and global influence of British culture as reflected in the literature.  It develops writing ability for study and application taken from personal experience, observation, specified research, and reading of selected literature.  The emphasis is on writing as a process including audience, purpose, tone, drafting, revising and editing.  Types of writing produced include description, exposition, narration, persuasion, and literary criticism.  The course integrates experiences in thinking, reading, listening, and speaking.  The course will cover the Standards of Learning for English 12 and it will be organized within the interdisciplinary structure of the Piedmont Governor’s School.  (This course is offered only for seniors at the IALR site).