Directions for Online Application

*  Admission to the Piedmont Governor’s School is by application and acceptance.  All applicants are made aware of the curriculum offered as described in the Piedmont Governor’s School’s policies, literature, and correspondence. Students are not permitted to opt out of certain courses, since the courses in the two-year program are predetermined and sequential,  and must be completed by all students in the program.

· Go to

· Click Begin Application Process on the first page

· Read through Mission Statement, How to Apply, and Application Process. Once you have finished reading the Application Process, click Begin Application on the Application Process page to begin the actual application.

· Fill in boxes on the application

· Be sure to click on your high school

· Be sure to complete all areas that are marked with *

· If parent does not have a work phone, enter home phone again.

· Submit information

· If you have entered an email address for either the parent or student, a confirmation will be sent to the address. If you do not enter email addresses the application will still be sent to your school or division representative. Please be sure that the email addresses you enter are correct.

· Should you have a problem with the online application, send an email to  detailing the problem you are having.